How to keep on writing

After finishing a writing project, my most recent middle grade book SHELL, it’s been hard to find inspiration to continue with something else. I felt no enthusiasm. I felt stuck. Even though I had a story in mind, one I started to work on a few years back. Finally I resolved to write something every day. I’ve mostly stuck with that during the past month. Sometimes just a paragraph or two. Sometimes an idea takes off and I write a few pages. Gradually the book is beginning to take shape.

A couple of days ago I started writing a scene, left off part way through, and picked it up again yesterday with a lot more energy than I’ve had for the book so far. This brings me to a writing tip I just saw on this web site. Good advice, I think. I quote,

Never finish a writing session by finishing off a scene . . . you’ll find that you’re keen to get back to the page when your next day’s writing session begins. Moreover, you won’t be stuck at the beginning of a new scene, staring at the flashing Cursor of Doom and wondering what happens next. You’ll always have something to pick up and run with”

One thought on “How to keep on writing

  1. It’s good to be hearing from you again. I so hope that your book is accepted for publication!
    I have the opposite problem: too many things to write about and not enough time. But I am
    writing almost every day. Yeah

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