Back on the blog

Sorry if you’ve missed my blog over the last couple of months. The holidays were a busy time. But, besides that, I’ve been figuratively holding my breath waiting to hear from an agent and an editor who requested the full manuscript of my latest book, Shell. I hoped to blog with good news. But I’m still waiting and it’s time to relax and get on with life.

One upcoming event is the Reskilling Expo January 27 Local Food Sovereignty event. Here’s a link to the schedule. I’ll be presenting a composting workshop and all are welcome to come learn how and what to compost, whether or not to choose a worm bin, or to get help resolving problems with existing compost bins.

Last week I went on a two day birding trip to wildlife refuges in the central valley out of Williams, led by amazing birding teacher Nanci Adams. We saw numerous birds, especially waterfowl. I fell absolutely in love with the pin tail ducks. (Not my photo).


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