Here on Earth

Before I take a two week hiatus for travel, I want to say something about a new book by science writer, explorer and conservationist Tim Flannery. It’s called Here on Earth, and is subtitled A Natural History of the Planet. Sounds ambitious, doesn’t it?

I learned a lot reading this book, which is easy to follow for the non-scientist. Flannery talks about the origins and evolution of planet Earth and life. He explains how a balance evolved between earth, water, and air which allows for the existence of life here. The effects humans have had, not just in recent years, but for tens of thousands, was an eye opener for me. And now, we’re at a crossroads where we can choose to affirm the necessary balance, even with projected maximum human population of nine billion. Or, we can continue to disrupt this balance and reap catastrophe. It’s an important book and I highly recommend it.

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