Operation Redwood

Operation Redwood by S.Terrell French is an excellent middle grade novel which I recently read and then field-tested on each of my three grand-children ages nine to thirteen with enthusiastic results. The characters are well drawn. The lively action begins when city boy Julian Carter-Li intercepts an e-mail meant for his uncle from Robin, a girl who lives on an isolated farm outside Willits, CA. A friendship begins which leads Julian, and eventually his friend Danny, into a covert operation to save an old-growth stand of redwoods. Julian’s uncle is CEO of the company which is about to clear-cut the trees.

And on the children’s book publishing front, my friend Rose Lobel has just published her novel, The Flower Daughter, as an e-book through Shoot Your Eye Out Publishing. It’s a year-old company which helps publish e-books for a percent of the sales and plans to begin publishing print-on-demand versions of its authors books.

3 thoughts on “Operation Redwood

  1. Hi cuz,
    I’m forwarding your blog to my nephew Robert because he is pursing a writing career. You may hear from him. I just got Here On Earth from the library and am looking forward to reading it.
    Love, Barbara

    1. Thanks, Barb. I hope I do hear from Robert. I’ve enjoyed talking to him the few times I’ve had the chance. And I’m glad you’re going to read Here on Earth. It’s an important book.

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