Peace Chorale Fund Raiser

Santa Cruz Peace Chorale has been an important part of my life for many years. I was one of those people who was discouraged from singing as a child and didn’t try as an adult. But when I found this choir, I discovered I love to sing and could do well as part of a group.

The Covid pandemic has been hard on the chorale – as it has on most musical groups. We’ve been singing in the community since 2001, and have continued singing for peace and social justice for the past twenty years under the direction of singer/songwriter Aileen Vance. We’re a non-audition choir, in which everyone is welcome to sing, and like me, discover they can. In the past, we’ve put on concerts, sung on street corners for political marches, and on picket lines to support workers. Just this week we were able to sing at the somewhat delayed Martin Luther King march.

Member dues have never been enough to completely support the choir. Members pay what they can, whether more or less than the suggested amount. We don’t turn anyone away.

Because of the pandemic, we haven’t been able to hold our usual fundraisers, so we are asking for your help. Please contribute to keep this beloved community institution afloat and allow us to carry on our mission of promoting peace and social justice through singing.

Go to the GoFundMe page to contribute whatever amount works for you to help us reach our goal and keep on singing.

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