Seeking Asylum

I’m working on a new book project together with my friend Elizabeth. She’s an asylum seeker from El Salvador who’s been in Santa Cruz for a little over a year. Her story is one of tragedy, overcoming horrible difficulties, and amazing resilience. We’ve only just begun the project, but you can hear a little of Elizabeth’s story on the recording of our April 28th interview on KSQD’s Talk of the Bay with Rachel Anne Goodman. Here’s the link to the recording. The interview discusses the Santa Cruz Welcoming Network, a local organization working to help new refugees in our area to access the services they need.

One thought on “Seeking Asylum

  1. This sounds like a wonderful project, Sylvia! You are also to be congratulated on your resilience- undertaking one hard subject after another with determination and creativity.

    I plan to listen to the interview.

    Stay well.



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