Back Again

This was taken at the border wall at Playas de Tijuana. In late October and early November, I joined the Peace Train on a trip through Mexico, visiting the wall and a refugee center housing children and families waiting to cross the border. We traveled with some of the children on the train and participated with them in a choir concert in Tecate. Traveling on through the country, we went up in hot air balloons near Mexico City and spent Dia de los Muertos in Oaxaca, among the many activities organized by Sharon and Marilyn of the Peace Train. Take a look at the Peace Train website to learn about the wonderful work they do in South Africa, Cuba, and Mexico.

Then came the holidays, family visits, and the omicron variant. Life is beginning to settle down and I’m belatedly returning to the blog.

Sales of my books have been slow with the pandemic. It hasn’t been possible to do readings in bookstores and schools or to organize events at the libraries as before. Finally, things are opening up. I’ll be reading at a P.J.s and Pages event at a local school. I’m posting the first few chapters of Toto’s Tale and True Chronicle of Oz here on its page on the website. You can download chapters of The Weaver’s Daughter from its page. If you haven’t read the books, take a look. Maybe you’d like to read one of them or buy one as a gift for a young person in your life.

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