More about Costa Rica

I hoped to post several more times about Costa Rica, but I’ve been absorbed in revising my book, Shell, Crossing the Border, at the suggestion of an agent who is interested. I’m very excited about this. I did want to post a few more pictures because it was such a beautiful trip. For one thing, it’s a birders paradise. I’m not an expert, but with a book and some help from Nacho, I was able to identify thirty seven species of birds, mostly new to me, including the toucan (photo below) and scarlet macaws (I couldn’t get any good pictures).

One of our first experiences there was this coati who boldly tried to get our picnic when we went up to Volcan Irazu.



We spent several days in south western Costa Rica on the Osa Peninsula, including a hike into Corcovado National Park. We didn’t see much of the larger wildlife that live there (monkeys, tapirs, jaguars, etc.) but lots of lizards and insects, especially the amazing leaf cutter ants who are actually farmers. They cultivate a special fungus in underground chambers, on the leaves they harvest. The fungus is actually their food.Finca Kobo is the lovely hacienda and cacao plantation where we spent most of our nights on the peninsula. That’s where we saw a pair of toucans, many more hummingbirds (everywhere we went), and beautiful flowers.


ImageThis is real tropical rainforest. Some of the trees are gigantic, but supported by great buttresses, because the soil itself is not deep enough for extensive roots.
















We saw beautiful sunsets, a huge grasshopper (Kendra was a little freaked out, but she got much more relaxed about bugs). We even saw fireflies, a first for Kendra (no photos).


On our last day, back up in the high central valley, we went on a zipline (Kendra’s choice but we all went), and hiked up to the steaming, sulfur smelling crater of Volcan Poas.


We returned home with coffee and souvenirs, wonderful memories and photographs, and having made friends with the several lovely “Ticos.” As they say in Costa Rica, “pura vida.”

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