Alaskan Dream Cruise

Luna and I took an eight day cruise of the inside passage on the Alaskan Dream. There were thirty-one passengers. I’d hoped there’d be other kids, but Luna was the only one. Still, she handled herself gracefully with the other passengers and had a good time. We left from Sitka in the afternoon and cruised toward Juneau overnight. On the way in the next morning we saw several groups of humpback whales, some bubble net feeding. We docked outside Juneau and a bus took us to the Mendenhall Glacier and then into the capital, which, like Sitka, can only be reached by boat or plane. Back on the “Dream” we cruised to Orca Point Lodge for an evening crab feed. That night we cruised on to Glacier Bay where we picked up a ranger and a Tlingit cultural liason for the day.

Luna in our cozy cabin on board with its own “showlet” (toilet cum shower).
Humpbacks doing cooperative bubble net feeding. They encircle prey fish and blow out bubbles forcing them to the surface.
The Mendenhall Glacier near Juneau. It has its own visitors’ center, but is retreating at such a rate that in the next twenty years it will no longer be visible from there.
This is me and Luna in front of Mendenhall Glacier and Nugget Falls. Yes, she’s taller than I am.
The glacier and falls seen from the visitors’ center.
Juneau from Mt. Roberts via the tram. We were given vouchers to ride the tram and eat lunch at a restaurant in Juneau.
The Mt. Roberts tram, owned and operated by one of the Alaskan native corporations.
Dance performance at the tram station and again in auditorium on Mt. Roberts by All Nations Children.
The Alaskan Dream at Orca Point Lodge.
The “super moon”. Sunset and full moon rise between 10:30 and 11:00. Too late for me most nights.
In Glacier Bay National Park. I’ll say it again: the mountains and water in Alaska are incredible.
A grizzly or brown bear seen from the boat.












I’ll stop for now. More later. Trying to condense this trip and the over one thousand photos Luna and I took into the most interesting, relevant, or beautiful to post here is a challenge. I’d love to show them all and share more details.


4 thoughts on “Alaskan Dream Cruise

  1. Thanks, Sylvia. Lots of scenic and familiar sights. I’m looking forward to seeing and hearing more.

  2. Looks like you had a great trip. The Indian vest made me think of mom. She came home from our trip and made one.

    1. We had a native Alaskan (Tlingit on his father’s side and Inuit, I think, on his mother’s) as cultural interpreter on the cruise. More on him later. But he showed us his dance regalia and explained the significance of the various figures (mostly beaded). Tlingit people are either of raven or eagle moiety and marry the opposite. They are also members of a clan. They come into the dance backward to introduce themselves. So what insignia did Dot choose to put on her vest?

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