Teaching cultural diversity

Once again I’m teaching the course I designed in Cultural Diversity at the online midwifery school, Aviva College.

It’s a small group of students this time around, a real joy to read their discussions and see them learning and growing, becoming more aware of the many facets of culture and the importance of developing cultural competence. They will become midwives in vastly different areas of the country serving a diverse population of women and families, including immigrants, limited English speakers, people with disabilities, families with a variety of gender identities, and more.

The students are becoming aware of their own cultural identities and biases. They are learning about cultural differences and how to uncover the beliefs and practices of people from other cultures in a respectful manner. They’re thinking about what health practices might be different but acceptable, perhaps beneficial, and what they might consider harmful. And they’re researching laws, both national and in their states, about requirements for interpreters and provision of equal access to care.

I feel privileged to help these amazing women on their path to midwifery. If you or someone you know is interested in becoming a midwife or doula, take a look at the Aviva College website.

One thought on “Teaching cultural diversity

  1. Your teaching sounds so interesting! I loved working with students from many different cultures when I was teaching. The Peace Chorale looks very small in the photo. Who is still in it from the time I was in it? I have very mixed feelings about the chorale, but I may donate some jewelry nonetheless.

    Thanks for visiting me in the hospital and bringing the lovely flowers. I hope you are very well.


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