The Double Crossing

The Double Crossing is my first historical fiction. I’ve always loved to read books based on true historical events, but haven’t written it before even though research is one of my favorite parts of writing, for all of my books.

The MS St. Louis left Hamburg in May 1939 with over 900 Jewish refugees on board, headed to Cuba. The passengers were not allowed to land when they arrived and, in spite of pleas to influential people, including President Roosevelt, were turned away from the U.S. and Canada also. The situation at that time is reminiscent of the current international refugee crisis.

The Double Crossing  is narrated by fictional thirteen-year-olds Hannah and David, who meet on the ship, become fast friends, and discover a Nazi spy operation they plan to stop.

I’ve written, reviewed with my critique groups and a German speaking friend. I’m still working on revisions. Wish me luck.

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