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Last week I was invited by Blue Hills Elementary School librarian, Lorraine Rader, also a writer and SCBWI member, to read from Toto’s Tale to a fourth grade class. I enjoyed it and so did the children. Almost all of them knew more than I expected about the Wizard of Oz. After all, it was published in 1900. Most of them hadn’t actually read the book, but they knew who the characters were and had a pretty good idea of the story, and this even though most of them were from East Indian and Asian families. They had lots of questions and some were interested in buying the book.

Now I’m thinking of setting up some school readings locally. Suggestions, anyone? I do know some of the teachers from volunteering with the Young Writer’s Project.

Meanwhile, I’m having more copies printed. They’re still only available directly from me, at Bookshop Santa Cruz, and on Smashwords (the e-book version). I’m working on making Toto more widely available. Stay tuned.

One thought on “Author reading

  1. How exciting! I’d suggest going to the schools, bringing the book,. and asking if you could read your book. All teachers that I know love, love extra things like this to give them a break and give the kids something new. Try it. Also word will spread about your book. Thank you for kind thoughts about my illness. I still don’t have a biopsy date, but I’m keeping busy writing meanwhile.

    Love, Louise

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