Not a joke

It’s April Fool’s Day, but this isn’t a trick post. I’m sitting here listening to birds outside my window, expressing their delight (or so I imagine) in the sunny spring weather we’re experiencing after the deluge and flooding we had last week.

Yesterday afternoon I went to the first session of a field trip style birding class led by Nanci Adams. I’m thinking of her as I listen, because she experiences a whole other dimension outdoors. She recognizes birds by their songs, and because of this, she’s in a richer world out there. I hope to pick up some of that skill.

A couple of upcoming events not to be missed. One is the Earth Day celebration at San Lorenzo Park on April 16th. I’ll be staffing a booth for the Natural History Museum there, along with my grand daughter, Luna. The other is the annual concert of the Santa Cruz Peace Chorale on Saturday evening May 7th. This year the concert is “Lives in the Balance: a Concert for Peace and Justice”. It’s going to be great, and so appropriate to what is going on in our world today. As Bob Marley said, “War! Everywhere is war!”. (We sing that one too – with my brother Bill on bass).

I’ll be traveling during the next week and won’t be posting. Thanks to everyone for your comments. I’ll be back the week of April 10th.

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