Parallel universes?

In my book, Wandering Time, Zoe believes that travel to alternate realities or parallel universes happens by magic, her mother, with her psychology background, thinks it’s a shared delusion because Granny Rae has Alzheimer’s disease. But Granny Rae looks for an explanation in modern physics theories about parallel universes.

This is a concept which has fascinated me since I found Fred Alan Wolf’s book Parallel Universes. Now another physicist, Brian Greene, has come out with a book that discusses some of the theoretical visions of a multiverse in lay terms. He was interviewed yesterday on Fresh Air on NPR, and you can listen to the interview on their website and read the first chapter of the book, The Hidden Reality.

The more we learn, the more amazing possibilities open, and science fiction often turns out not to be so far-fetched after all.

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