Health issues

As someone who has spent most of my working life in the field of health care for women (primarily as a midwife) I was upset to learn of this recent study. It found that 99% of pregnant women in the U.S. test positive for multiple chemicals, including some that are now banned and known to cause cancer or birth defects. These are chemicals found in such things as non-stick cookware, processed foods and personal care products. They include epoxy resins and flame retardants. The study doesn’t look at possible effects of the exposure of women and their unborn babies to multiple chemicals, but just the fact that they are present in the bodies of almost all pregnant women in the U.S. is alarming.

On another health related note, the Santa Cruz Weekly of January 12 carried a letter by my friend Sigrid, who recently retired after a long career at Dominican Hospital. She laments the “dumbing down” of nursing care in hospitals, “a profession that daily deals with complex, difficult, and unique circumstances,” by attempting to standardize and computerize care. “McMedicine?” she asks.

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