Winter Holidays

Whether you light the menorah, celebrate the solstice, or hang up a stocking and sing carols by the lighted tree (we do all three) or celebrate some other winter holiday, I wish you blessings in this dark time of the year. There are many traditions, but it seems almost everyone has some way of bringing light into these longest nights and looking forward to the gradual return of longer days as the Earth swings through its yearly arc in relation to the sun.

Last night the Santa Cruz Peace Chorale carried out a yearly tradition by singing at the annual WILPF (Womens’ International League for Peace and Freedom) holiday party. It was a fun event with a performance by the local Raging Grannies of great original versions of traditional songs. The Peace Chorale was inspired and in fine form, or as we in the chorale say, “sizzling with energy”. We’ll have more performances in the spring at the Reel Work Film Festival and our annual concert May 14th (check the link to learn more).

Stay warm and dry if you can. We’re blessed with lots of rain this year. Whatever tradition you honor, may your light shine.

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