On blogging

I just looked back at my first posts on this blog back in March. At that time I wrote, “It’s just a beginning for me, but I’m excited to reach out and let you know about my writing and the other activities I’m involved with here in Santa Cruz.”

I’ve been wondering, as I post about a variety of topics, whether I was doing what I set out to do here, so I needed to look back to see what that was. And yes, I believe I have. Sometimes it feels that I write about so many different things, rather than sticking to the topic of writing for children, that I wasn’t sure. But there are many things about which I am passionate and/or have information that I think is worth sharing. And that is what I want this blog to be.

One thought on “On blogging

  1. If all your writing were meta-writing, it wouldn’t stay interesting very long. Blogging–and all writing–should be about saying what’s on your mind, not about minding what you say.

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