On the compost front

For those who live in Santa Cruz County, I’m including the following notice of a compost workshop I’ll be co-leading on November 13 at the Live Oak Grange. Funds for these workshops have been severely cut, so this will be one of the few opportunities during the next year (maybe longer) to attend a workshop and receive a bin.

compost workshop 11-13-10

I blogged a while ago about dog waste, and in the process of preparing my blog I learned how to make a dog waste “composter”. I’ve done it and it’s great! I dug a big hole, sunk an old plastic trash can with a good lid (after cutting out its bottom and making holes in its sides). I had some sand and gravel which I put into the bottom. Now I put the dog waste in there, add water, and occasionally some enzyme drain opener. I feel better about not putting it in the landfill. I won’t use this “compost” in the garden, but it will decompose and become part of the soil.

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