ALS walk in Monterey today

The walk to raise money for the ALS Association that took place today in Monterey was a great success. $36,000 in donations had been counted before checks were turned in today. Thank you so much for your donations, good wishes, and/or positive thoughts. With your support I raised $345, surpassing my goal of $240.

It was great to walk with Fitzy’s Friends and Family, which included re-connecting with cousins, some I hadn’t seen in years. And the highlight was seeing Michael, who is a light and inspiration to those who know him. As I was getting ready to leave today I overheard him talking to another man in a wheelchair. He talks through a computer by pointing at the letters with his eyes. What he said brought tears to the eyes of everyone around, and it was roughly this: “I don’t ask why I have been given this terrible disease. Instead, I say, ‘now that I have this disease, what shall I do with my life?’ I don’t feel abandoned . God is with me as with all those who’ve suffered through the ages.”

Michael is a Christian, but his words resonate for me, though I am not. I believe they can inspire those of any faith or belief system.

One thought on “ALS walk in Monterey today

  1. Thank you dear Cousin Sylvia for being there for us in many ways. You are inspirational too, and we love you and your words.

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