Back from the Northwest

I’m back from my road trip to Vancouver, WA and Portland, OR. The reputation for rain is well earned! At least while I was there this past week, that’s all we had. And a little further south, in the Willamette Valley, the allergens were running high. But, not to be negative, it’s beautiful.

The Aviva Midwives and Educators, also known as Mothercare, Conference went quite well for a first time. There were excellent sessions and speakers. I was especially impressed by the talk given by Melissa Cheyney, Ph.D., CPM, LDM on Cultural Competence. She approached it from the perspective of the medical and midwifery models as cultures. I’m going to incorporate some of her ideas into the Cultural Diversity class I teach for Aviva. Check out the article about her work in Time Magazine.

I thought my session on Group Prenatal Care was well received. There was lots of discussion and lots of interest in the idea of providing this kind of care.

Anyway, it’s good to be back home and in touch. I’m busy polishing my books and sending out agent queries again.

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