Keeping up

Keeping up the blog in the midst of everything else is a challenge. Here’s an update on some of what’s goin’ on.

I’m just finishing teaching Newborn Complications for Aviva Institute’s on line midwifery program. (What a great group of upcoming midwives from all over the U.S. and Canada!) This weekend I will be heading up to Portland, OR/Vancouver, WA to combine visiting my son and family with attending and presenting a session at Aviva’s first midwifery and maternal-child health educator conference. It’s not too late to register!

The on line critique group that formed with participants at the Highlight’s Foundation Whole Novel Workshop for Fantasy is up and running with our own blog site and critiques in progress. And by the way, an on line group is a great way to go for any of you writers who want to be in a group but don’t have one locally.

The Santa Cruz Peace Chorale has finished our season and is taking the summer off. We will begin rehearsing again in the fall, with open enrollment in September. So come on all you peace activist singers. It’s amazing how many of us were told as children that we couldn’t sing, or couldn’t carry a tune (including me). But it isn’t true. Anyone can learn. And at our two end of year concerts, we sounded great. Don’t be afraid to let your singing voice out. No auditions. Wonderful people and powerful music.

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