I subscribe to Nathan Bransford’s blog. He’s a literary agent who blogs daily. Any of you writers might want to think of subscribing. (You might want to subscribe to my blog too). His blog yesterday was a survey on what people think about prologues.
This is a hot topic for me, because I added a prologue to Wandering Time early on. Then I took it out because I kept hearing things like “prologues are out of favor.” But it had really become integral to the story, so I’ve put it back in rather than try to work it into chapter one. I like it better this way.
My personal opinion is, if the prologue adds to the story, it’s a good thing. You can look at Nathan Bransford’s blog to see what his readers think, or leave comments here.

One thought on “Prologues

  1. Huh? The prologue is past? If writers always conformed to what was in and out of favor, how would anything in ever get out, and vice versa? If “out of favor” is anything like “out of the box,” it’s where we all should spend more time. I guess if you’re in a publish-or-perish sitruation, you have to heed your agent, but if you want the satisfaction of doing your best work, you have to heed your heart.

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