More about Highlights workshop

Mainly I want to post a few more pictures and links to some of the other participants blogs. Rilla Jaggia, who is writing a beautiful fantasy with an east Indian flavor has posted a photo narrative about the workshop which truly gives the flavor of Highlights Fantasy. Claudia Finseth’s beautiful blog has a page devoted to the workshop, with more photos and her comments. Pam Halter’s fairy oriented blog also talks about the week. Have I missed anyone? Let me know. There are also a lot of pictures on Facebook, so if you are my friend there, you can find the links (I think).

Main house at Highlights, Boyds Mills
My private cabin at Highlights
“Instructor/authors extraordinaire Anne Ursu and Laura Ruby”“Teaching assistant and poet Chris Heppermann”
As you can surmise from the photos, we did enjoy some wine. But never until 4:30.

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